Submission Policy


SFArts.org is designed to inform the general public about upcoming arts events; it does not provide information about arts groups that do not offer events to the general public.

Events must be arts-related and fall into one of the following categories: Dance, Film/Video, Literary, Music, Theater, Museum, Gallery, Special Events/Festivals and Children's Events. 

The event must be held in San Francisco, with the following exceptions:

Groups funded by Grants for the Arts that are holding concerts, performances, exhibits, etc. in the Bay Area, but outside of San Francisco proper;

SF/Arts advertisers with events in the larger Bay Area

 The arts event must be of interest and open to the general public, i.e., anyone may attend. Events such as camps, conferences, artist workshops or benefit fundraisers will generally not be listed.

At this time, we do not list online events or apps.

Please note that if a primary arts event has many ancillary events (e.g. lectures associated with a museum exhibition), we will refer our site visitor to the primary arts event's website for further information. If an event is a co-production, we will only list it once under the name of the event.

We understand that advance information is not always complete with regard to programming, ticket prices, etc. but we ask that you provide us with that information as soon as you have it. Every effort will be made to include the information that you submit as quickly as possible. However, if the information is incomplete, SFArts.org reserves the right to request further information before it is posted.

Event descriptions must be succinct; SFArts.org reserves the right to edit material that is submitted. If there is a factual error on the site, please notify us and it will be corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the information is posted, it is final (with the exception of TBAs and unanticipated changes, which are corrected as notification of any error is received).

Because the SFArts.org database has a complex and specific structure, it is necessary for us to make judgments about how to list an event. Listings are categorized according to how the public will most likely search for events.

Because SFArts.org was developed specifically to promote non-profit arts activity, these events will be given priority. SFArts.org reserves the right to make all decisions regarding inclusion on the site.

We at SF/Arts Media share your goal of drawing as many people to as many arts events as possible. We look forward to working with the arts community to make our publication and website dynamic and effective . If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us.

How to Submit Events

The most efficient way add your event on SFArts.org is by posting it yourself. A submission form is available. The submission is reviewed by staff before it is posted to the website. You will be informed of the event's status via the email address you provide.

Image Policy

Images are used for events that are featured by our discipline curators. To submit your event for feature consideration, send an email. Final selections for editorial inclusion are the decision of the curator.

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©2020 SF/Arts Media. All rights reserved.

Submission Policy