Dec 09 - 12, 2021

Thursday/Sunday at 7pm, Friday/Saturday at 8pm, + Saturday matinee at 5pm

401 Alabama

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Megan Lowe Dances presents Tangram, an evening of dynamic partnering featuring Megan Lowe and Brenton Cheng that uses physical puzzles to explore relationship, geometry, and their shared Chinese heritage. Propelled by momentum, Brenton and Megan lift and are lifted by each other in ever-changing roles of mover and moved, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Tangram performances have grown from the seeds of Finger Trap and Maw Jaw and continue the mission of deepening roots to heritage, deconstructing familiar tropes, and offering the fruits of those efforts back as thought-provoking dance performance.

SF/Arts Curator Insight

Long-created norms and conventions; lineage and ancestry take center stage in Megan Lowe Dances’ “Tangram,” an evening of eclectic contemporary dance partnering explored by Megan Lowe and Brenton Cheng. With both film and live performance, “Tangram” has an underlying theme and narrative goal – to increase visibility for present-day Asian artists while simultaneously honoring Asian culture and heritage.

Heather Desaulniers

Contributing Writer

Megan Lowe Dances

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