Art of the African Diaspora

Feb 01 - Mar 18, 2023

Wed through Sat 10am-4pm


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Art of the African Diaspora originated from a salon for African American artists known as Colors of Black that was organized in 1989 by artist and professor Marie Johnson Calloway. In 1996 artists Jan Hart-Schuyers and Rae Louise Hayward established the exhibition The Art of Living Black at Richmond Art Center. Today the exhibition is called Art of the African Diaspora to incorporate a broader vision, and is run by a steering committee of participating artists.

SF/Arts Curator Insight

Beginning in 1989, this annual showcase of African American artists is the longest running event of its kind in the Bay Area. The work ranges broadly across media, technique, and genre. A small sampling features: Cynthia Brannvall's "identity maps," atlas pages collaged with personal snapshots; Derrick Bell's faceted portraits painted in color blocks reminiscent of stained glass; Claude Clark's rough-hewn wooden balusters and walking sticks; Cherisse's cloth quilt of a girl on a swing in a flowering tree; Alana McCarthy's painting combining surrealism and photo-realism to capture the feeling of New Orleans; Iconic Vinyl Art's car hood assemblage portrait of blues musician Howlin' Wolf; and Nyya Lark's necklace of small silver twigs. Over 120 artists are featured in the sprawling exhibition.

Mark Taylor

SF/Arts Curator

Richmond Art Center

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