Literary Arts

Poets Laureate: Social Justice Book Tour

Bird & Beckett Bookstore

Co-editor of "Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice", Ron Riekki hosts an evening of Bay Area poets laureate reading both their own works and from the book. Featuring Kim Shuck (San Francisco, 2017–present); Rafael Jesus González (Berkeley, 2017–present); D.L. Lang (Vallejo, 2017–present); Dani Gabriel (El Cerrito, 2018–present); and Maw Shein Win (El Cerrito, 2016–2018).

Summary by Evan Karp, SF/Arts Literary Arts Curator

Event Info
Nov 10
Sun at 2pm
Bird & Beckett Bookstore
2788 Diamond St., San Francisco
Info: (415) 586-3733
Venue: 586-3733
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