Piero Spadaro: Making Light

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition with Piero Spadaro. Piero Spadaro utilizes assorted materials such as glitter, ground pigment, acrylic, textured paper, and resin to create dimensional, layered paintings. In response to the current climate, where difference is scrutinized and partitions are encouraged, Spadaro's painting practice became about communication.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Piero Spadaro: Making Light :

Longtime San Francisco artist and gallerist Piero Spadero, owner of HANG ART, is featured in a solo exhibition this month at Andrea Schwartz Gallery. Spadero’s abstract, color field-inspired paintings employ a wide range of materials, including resin and glitter, to mimic the sparkle of jewelry captured in flat forms and design elements on paneled surfaces.

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Apr 24 → Jun 06
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Andrea Schwartz Gallery
545 4th St., San Francisco
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