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Rebecca Solnit & Roshi Joan Halifax

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Rebecca Solnit is a writer, historian, and activist. A long-time resident of San Francisco, she has written on geography, community, the environment, art, politics, hope, and feminism in her seventeen books. Solnit is a contributing editor to Harper's, where she is the first woman to regularly write the Easy Chair column (founded in 1851). Roshi Joan Halifax is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and pioneer in the field of end-of-life care. She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Institute and Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received her Ph.D. in medical anthropology in 1973 and has lectured on the subject of death and dying at many academic institutions and medical centers around the world.

This is what SF/Arts curator Evan Karp had to say about Rebecca Solnit & Roshi Joan Halifax :

Buddhist teacher, Zen priest and anthropologist Roshi Joan Halifax is founder, abbot and head teacher of Upaya Institute and Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM. Here, she discusses her new book, "Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet" with Harper's contributing editor Rebecca Solnit ("Hope in the Dark," "Men Explain Things to Me"), who wrote the book's foreword.

Event Info
Feb 27
Thu at 7:30 pm
Sydney Goldstein Theater (formerly Nourse Theater)
275 Hayes Street, San Francisco
Info: 392-4400
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