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Cristina Rivera Garza

Green Apple Books

Mexican writer Cristina Rivera Garza discusses her new novel, The Iliac Crest, with Mauro Javier Cardenas.

This is what SF/Arts curator Evan Karp had to say about Cristina Rivera Garza :

Mexican author Cristina Rivera Garza reads from and discusses her new novel “The Iliac Crest” with Mauro Javier Cardenas (“The Revolutionaries Try Again”). The novel begins on a dark and stormy night, when two mysterious women invade an unnamed narrator’s house, where they proceed to question his identity. Unable to defend his supposed masculinity, he eventually finds himself in a sanatorium.

Event Info
Nov 17
Friday at 7:30 pm
Green Apple Books/On the Park (9th Ave)
1231 9th Ave., San Francisco
Info: 415-742-5833
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