Johansson Projects

Featuring Jennie Ottinger + Megan Reed

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Rabble-Rousers :

The sculptures of Megan Reed and the paintings of Jennie Ottinger are so complementary, one could be confused into the thinking the two artists work collaboratively to produce their work. Ottinger’s curious figures find their formal counterparts in Reeds’ colorful floor-based sculptures, no doubt, but don’t be fooled by so much bubblegum pink—there are enough politics to pack a punch.

Event Info
May 27 → Jul 22
Thu-Sat 1-5 pm
Johansson Projects/Oakland
2300 Telegraph Ave. , Oakland
Info: 510-444-9140
Venue: 510/444-9140
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