Dana Lawton Dances "The Farallonites"

Dana Lawton Dances

One hundred and fifty years in the past, thirty miles off the coast of San Francisco lived the lighthouse keepers of The Farallon Islands. It is their struggles and their persistence that Dana Lawton Dances looks to in "The Farallonites," a mixed disciplinary work of movement, text, music, sound and light coming to the Cowell Theater this April.

Event Info
Apr 24 → Apr 26
Fri, Apr 24th at 8:00pm; Sat, Apr 25th at 4:00pm & 8:00pm; Sun, Apr 26th at 4:00pm
Cowell Theater/Fort Mason Center
99 Marina Blvd.,, San Francisco
Info: 415-000-0000
Venue: 345-7575
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