International Ocean Film Fest

International Ocean Film Festival

If psychotherapy isn't doing the trick, how about a helping hand from whales? Rick Rosenthal's "Whale Wisdom," narrated by the ever-present Sir David Attenborough, provides insights into the intelligence of the world's largest mammal.  Meanwhile, "Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy" tells the story of the biologist turned underwater cinematographer and environmental activist who was killed while on a shoot with director James Cameron.

Summary by Sura Wood, SF/Arts Film/Video Curator

Event Info
Mar 12 → Mar 15
Thursday to Sunday, various times
$10 - $250
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Phyllis Wattis
151 Third Street, San Francisco
Info: 415-454-5813
Venue: (415) 357-4000
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