University Dance Theatre 2020

Pictured: Francez Urmatan, Photo: Sreang Hok
San Francisco State University/Theatre Arts

Guest choreographer dana e. fitchett, creates a fluid, subtle, nuanced response to music with evidence of influence from ballet as well as from traditional West African styles. She is inspired by Katherine Dunham, who stated "Verbalization is apt to end in sterility," and in the words of Toni Morrison, "Everything is now. It is all now."

Summary by Heather Desaulniers, SF/Arts Dance Curator

Event Info
Mar 12 → Mar 15
Thur - Sat @ 7:30pm Sun @ 2:00pm
$10.00 - $8.00
Little Theatre/SFSU Campus
1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco
Info: 415-338-1341
Venue: 338-2467
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