Kathleen King: Aided, Inspired, Multiplied

Pro Arts/Oakland

Assemblages, sculpture and installation from Oakland-born artist Kathleen King. Influenced by sources from Constructivism to Arte Povera to African-American quilts, Kathleen King makes assemblages, sculpture, and installations that transform discarded materials through arrangement–interlocking, piling, stacking, hanging, and leaning–often drawing inspiration from urban surroundings to reference construction sites, homeless encampments, architecture, streets, signage and fences. First Friday Openings: Feb 7 and March 6 from 6-9pm.

Event Info
Jan 24 → Mar 07
Thursday-Friday 12-6pm
Pro Arts/Oakland
50 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza , Oakland
Info: 5107014620
Venue: 510/763-4361
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