Mostly British Film Festival

The Mostly British Film Festival presents 26 new feature films and documentaries from English-speaking countries outside the U.S. The mix of dramas, thrillers, biopics and stories run the gamut of emotions from joy to heartache and every feeling in between. The stories to be revealed take risks, inspire awe and evoke big emotions.

This is what SF/Arts curator Sura Wood has to say about MOSTLY BRITISH FILM FESTIVAL 2020 :

Women storm the barricades at a fest of English-language films from outside the U.S. It opens with “Military Wives,” a “let’s put on a show” romp in which distressed spouses of service men form a choral group led by a starchy Kristin Scott Thomas. Daisy Ridley of Star Wars fame takes the lead in “Ophelia,” a version of Hamlet told from a female point of view and directed by Claire McCarthy, while “Merata: How Mum Decolonized the Screen” reveals the unknown story of the first Maori woman to write and direct a feature; and “Jill Bilcock: Dancing the Invisible” chronicles the achievements of an in-fluential Aussie film editor whose credits include Moulin Rouge and Elizabeth. South African director, Jenna Bass, hits the open road, filtering a modern Western through a female sensibility in “Flatland.” It’s set in a desert landscape where the wedding of a terrified bride ends in murder and her protagonists flee on horseback, a relentless de-tective in hot pursuit.

Event Info
Feb 13 → Feb 20
From Thu. Feb. 13 to Thu. Feb. 20
Individual tickets are $15/$12.50 for affinity groups.
Vogue Theatre
3290 Sacramento, San Francisco
Info: (415) 346-2228
Venue: 346-2288
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