Culture Clash (Still) In America

Berkeley Rep

The missionaries of mayhem are back with their unique, badass brand of Chicano satire! In this powerful, pointed, and downright hilarious update they turn their razor-sharp wit to everything from pussy hats to MAGA caps, laying down outrageous, biting, and thought-provoking monologues and sketch comedy about the immigrant experience in America right now.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman has to say about Culture Clash (Still) In America :

A local appearance by those crazy and brilliant guys known as Culture Clash—Richard Montoya, Ricardo Salinas and Herbert Siguenza—is cause for celebration. Formed in San Francisco in 1984, the trio is based in L.A., where they create and perform shows satirizing contemporary culture as perceived through a Latino lens. This one, comprising sketch comedy and monologues, explores the immigrant experience in Clash’s own unique and hilarious way.

Event Info
Feb 20 → Apr 05
Tues-Sat at 8pm Sun at 2pm and 7pm
Berkeley Rep/Peet's Theatre
2025 Addison, Berkeley
Info: 510-647-2949
Venue: 510/647-2949
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