Recology San Francisco

The Recology Artist-in-Residence Program's 30th Anniversary and the Legacy of Jo Hanson presents work by 31 artists who have participated in this beloved residency program, and features a tribute to program founder, environmental artist and activist Jo Hanson. Newly commissioned photographs by Jamil Hellu of Hanson's Messages from the Street binders will be shown, along with a photographic homage to Hanson's street sweeping practice by 85 artists

Event Info
Ends in 31 days:
Dec 13 → Jan 11
Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1-6; Saturdays, 12-3 Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
Arc Studios & Gallery
1246 Folsom St., San Francisco
Info: 415 330-1414
Venue: (415) 298-7969
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