Love in the Time of Pinatas

Epic Party Theatre

You've been invited! Join the writer, comedian, and solo performer Baruch Porras Hernandez as he breaks open his life and lets all the candy fall out. Watch him wrestle with immigrant guilt, make out with it a little, and transform it into a wickedly funny and moving show that asks, "what's at the end of the Mexican immigrant road?" Baruch hopes it's donuts. Grab your and party hat and get ready for the theatrical event of the season!

Event Info
Dec 14 → Dec 22
Wed at 8pm, Fri at 8pm, Sat at 8pm, Sun at 7pm (12/15), Sun at 5pm (12/22)
Z Below
470 Florida St., San Francisco
Info: 4152987525
Venue: 415/626-0453
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