Where There's Smoke...

Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts

The Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts is pleased to present a group exhibition "Where There‘s Smoke..." Featuring the Wood Fired works of five artists: Shawn Felts, Rod Guyer, Marc Lancet, Scott Parady, Nick Schwartz and Wesley T. Wright. "Wood-Firing used to be the only means to fire clay. Today it is a choice that can lead to stunningly beautiful ceramics." Opening Reception October 26th, 4:00 - 6:00pm

Event Info
Oct 18 → Nov 24
Friday - Sunday 11:00-5:00pm
Epperson Gallery of Ceramic Arts
1400 Pomona Street, Crockett
Info: 510-787-2925
Venue: 510-787-2915
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