Nina Haft & Company: 'Precarious Pod'

Nina Haft & Company

Nina Haft & Company presents the World Premiere of 'Precarious Pod,' an immersive performance asking what can animals teach us about survival?

This is what SF/Arts curator Heather Desaulniers has to say about Nina Haft & Company: 'Precarious Pod' :

Spend an evening in the animal ecosystem as Nina Haft & Company unveil their latest project, “Precarious Pod.” Created by Nina Haft and a host of collaborators, the powerful triptych mines the intricacy and behavioral nuances of crows, wolves and a porpoise, and in so doing, seeks to connect animals and humanity with messages of community, survival and kinship.

Event Info
Nov 15 → Nov 24
Fri. at 7:00PM
Joe Goode Annex
401 Alabama, San Francisco
Info: 000-000-0000
Venue: 561-6565
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