As Above As Below: cosmic and brain webs

Manresa Gallery

As Above As Below is an Astro/Neuro/Art exhibit that aims to cultivate, optimize, and sustain dialogue between artistic and scientific inquiry through collaborative exchanges. 9 Bay Area Artists worked hand-in-hand with 7 renowned Astrophysicists and 6 Neuroscientists to explore parallels between galactic and neuronal networks. Their unique visions will be showcased through six multi-media and interactive exhibits. Opening Sunday, October 13th, 12 - 4pm

Event Info
Oct 13 → Dec 15
Thursday and Friday, 1 – 5pm. Sunday, 9am – 2pm
Manresa Gallery/St. Ignatius Church
Fulton & Parker, San Francisco
Info: 4154225901
Venue: 422-5901
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