Borders, Spaces and Brown Eyes

Davalos Dance Company

To launch their 25th anniversary season, the Davalos Dance Company will remount their first full-evening work originally titled "Borders, Spaces and Brown-eyed Girls." The 2019 version, "Borders, Spaces and Brown-Eyes" features an all new cast of men and women of the Latina/o/x diaspora. "Borders, Spaces and Brown Eyes" is an evening of dance theater that explores what humans have and do not have in common by focusing on the Latina/o/x body.

Event Info
Oct 05 → Oct 06
Sat, Oct 5 at 8pm, Sun, Oct 6 at 5pm and 7pm
$15.00 ($16.74 w/service fee)
Shawl-Anderson Dance Center
2704 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley
Info: (510) 654-5921
Venue: 510/654-5921
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