Charles Moulton Cunningham Reading

Garrett + Moulton Productions

Dancer, choreographer, director, visual artist and innovator Charles Moulton will read from his memoirs presented by Garrett + Moulton Productions and supported by the Merce Cunningham Trust. The reading is part of the 2019 Merce Cunningham centennial. Moulton will read stories about joining the Cunningham Dance Company at 19 and performing Cunningham's groundbreaking work, playing chess with composer John Cage and creating work with Baryshnikov.

This is what SF/Arts curator Heather Desaulniers has to say about Charles Moulton Cunningham Reading :

With a multitude of events, films, performances, workshops, lectures and panels, the dance community has spent the year honoring modern dance legend Merce Cunningham in this, the centenary of his birth. Renowned choreographer Charles Moulton, who was a member of Cunningham’s company in the mid-1970s, will share his unique perspective and remembrances as he reads from his own personal memoirs.

Event Info
Oct 20
Sun. at 3 pm
ODC Dance Commons
351 Shotwell, San Francisco
Info: 415-392-6606
Venue: 863-9834
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