Literary Arts

Carolina De Robertis


The Bindery hosts a special evening to launch Carolina De Robertis' new novel, Cantoras. She'll be in conversation with R. O. Kwon.

This is what SF/Arts curator Evan Karp has to say about Carolina De Robertis :

The international bestselling author of “The Invisible Mountain” launches her new novel “Cantoras.” Set in 1977 Uruguay, where the dictatorship has crushed political dissent, citizens are routinely kidnapped, raped, and tortured, and homosexuality is a dangerous transgression, the novel follows five queer women who fight to live authentic lives. In conversation with R. O. Kwon (“The Incendiaries”).

Event Info
Sep 04
Wed, 7:30
The Bindery
1727 Haight St., San Francisco
Info: 415 863-8688
Venue: 415-863-8688
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