Free For All

The Cutting Ball Theater

Atop snowy Nob Hill in "Soon" San Francisco, an indulgent soiree for the city's elite ushers in Earth's final frost. As the powers-that-be swill champagne and self-congratulate, have-nots Julie and John tussle for scraps of opportunity and, together, light a stalk of dynamite that may shape a new world order. Bay Area favorites Stacy Ross and Phil Wong spar in Megan Cohen's Free For All: a bombastic and whimsical take on Strindberg's Miss Julie,

Summary by Jean Schiffman, SF/Arts Theater Curator

Event Info
Sep 19 → Oct 20
sun at 2pm, fri at 7pm, sat at 8pm
Exit Theatre
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco
Info: 4152924700
Venue: 673-3847
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