Llama. Llama Red Pajama

Bay Area Children's Theatre/Oakland

It's been a big first day of school, and Llama's happy to be home and wearing his favorite red pajamas. After his bedtime story, Mama Llama tucks him in and pops downstairs. Llama's toys try to help him relax, but he's too wiggly. He needs a drink of water. But where did Mama Llama go? Why isn't she coming?

This is what SF/Arts curator Jack Hirsch had to say about Llama. Llama Red Pajama :

Bay Area Children’s Theatre presents the premiere of its original musical “Llama Llama Live.” Llama’s exhausted from his first day at school and is happy to be home and snug in his red pajamas, but he’s too jittery to sleep, even after Mama Llama’s bedtime story and the support of his toys. But don’t worry; by the show’s end, the whole audience will be doing the Bedtime Dance.

Event Info
Jun 08 → Jul 21
Bay Area Children’s Theatre Center/Berkeley
2055 Center, Berkeley
Info: (510) 296-4433
Venue: 510/296-4433
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