Labor History on the Waterfront

San Francisco Maritime Museum

Fri., July 5, 2019 (1934 Longshoremen's Strike program) & Sat., July 13, 2019 (Living History Reenactment/Hyde St Pier)

This is what SF/Arts curator Laura Fraenza has to say about Labor History on the Waterfront :

History comes to life to commemorate both the Waterfront strike of 1901 and the 85th anniversary of Bloody Thursday (a pivotal moment in the strike of 1934, when three waterfront workers were shot, two of them killed) when city officials attempted to open the SF Port by force. Park Ranger Kasin leads a talk on what was then the largest strike in West Coast history and the strike’s famed leader, Harry Bridges.

Event Info
Jul 05 → Jul 13
Jul 5 at 3 pm & Jul 13 at noon & 2 pm
, San Francisco
Info: 447-5000
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