Witch Hunt

Those Women Productions

Presenting the world premiere of Carol S. Lashof's Witch Hunt, a drama that explores the origins of the Salem witch panic and compels us to consider the ties between that infamous era and our present moment in history. Directed by Elizabeth Vega.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman has to say about Witch Hunt :

Theatregoers first met the enslaved woman Tituba in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” Now local playwright Carol S. Lashof revisits the topic of the Salem witch trials of late 17th-century New England, making that peripheral character the main focus of an entire drama. Elizabeth Vega directs for Those Women, a company dedicated to “flipping the script on power and gender.”

Event Info
Jul 19 → Aug 04
Fri & Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 2 pm
La Val’s Subterranean/Berkeley
1834 Euclid Ave, berkeley
Info: (510) 761-5656
Venue: 510 464-4468
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