"Afropick" by Sanford Biggers

Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University

Sanford Biggers (U.S.A., b. 1970) builds fantastical composite art objects, or creates images of them, to explore ideas born out of encounters between different cultures. The roughly six-foot-tall woodcut Afropick is the product of two traditions familiar to Biggers: African American political identity and Japanese printmaking. It explores and reinforces connections between race, the body, and political self-determination.

Event Info
May 22 → Oct 28
Wed-Sun 11 AM-5PM, Thurs until 8 PM, closed Tues
Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University
328 Lomita Drive and Museum Way, Stanford
Info: 650-723-4177
Venue: 650/723-4177
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