Oedipus el Rey

Magic Theatre

Legacy revival. Set in South Central LA, Oedipus el Rey is a gritty and electrifying take on the Greek tragedy, written by the acclaimed Magic playwright Luis Alfaro. Oedipus is reimagined as a young man whose dreams of controlling his own destiny soar beyond the prison walls where he's spent his life. In a place where everyone is trapped by desperation, violence, and history, can one man transcend his own story? Love, family, and belief collide in this chilling, muscular odyssey that asks: what's fate and what's just the system?

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman has to say about Oedipus el Rey :

Ten years ago, Magic Theatre premiered Luis Alfaro’s adaptation of Sophocles’ Greek tragedy in which a king cannot escape his fate. Here it’s set in L.A., where a prisoner faces destiny. Back then, a critic (me, actually) wrote, “If there is any doubt that a Mexican-American remake of ‘Oedipus Rex’ can be as intensely thrilling for us as the original must have been for the ancient Greeks, let that doubt be banished.” Loretta Greco, once again, directs.

Event Info
Jun 07 → Jun 23
Tue at 7 pm, Wed-Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 2:30 pm
$15-$75; Jun 22 Laney College perf. is free
Magic Theatre
Ft. Mason, San Francisco
Info: 441-8822
Venue: 437-6775
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