Jazz in the Neighborhood: Jon Janget

Jazz in the Neighborhood

The Jon Jangtet ensemble celebrates the release of The Pledge of Black Allegiance, dedicated to Yuri Kochiyama and Malcolm X. It features Jang's work "Can't Stop Cryin' for America: Black Lives Matter" as well as other works by Jang that are a hybrid of Chinese music and jazz. Performers for this event are Hitomi Oba, tenor saxophone; Nick DePinna, trombone; Jon Jang, piano, Lisa Mezzacappa, double bass, Deszon X. Claiborne, multiple percussion.

Event Info
Jun 19
Wed at 7:30
$20 general admission / $10 full-time students
California Jazz Conservatory/Berkeley
2087 Addison St. , Berkeley
Info: 415-737-5486
Venue: 510/845-5373
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