Kirsten Brehmer and Dionne Lee: Touch Stone


Through photography and video, Brehmer and Lee explore their own relationships to land and nature, and how such spaces can shape one's understanding of their place in the wider world.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Kirsten Brehmer and Dionne Lee: Touch Stone :

Through photography and video, Kirsten Brehmer and Dionne Lee work collaboratively to consider their unique relationships to the natural landscape and sense of place in the larger scheme of the natural world. Through explorations of the passing of one’s own shadow, the work mines our understanding of our scale and effect on the world around us.

Event Info
Apr 05 → Jun 02
Sat & Sun noon-5 pm
CTRL+SHFT Collective/Oakland
1430 34th St, Oakland
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