Listen: A Love Supreme

Envelop SF

Envelop SF is a next-generation immersive audio venue located within The Midway in San Francisco. 32 speakers create a sphere of sound, allowing the audience to be within the music.

This is what SF/Arts curator Laura Fraenza had to say about Listen: A Love Supreme :

Envelop’s amazing immersive surround-sound space of 32 speakers within the Midway is a place to get away, relax and forget your troubles while experiencing, on this day in April, “A Love Supreme.” John Coltrane’s seminal modern jazz masterpiece is also a spiritual expression of gratitude, devotion and joy. Keep an ear out for Envelop’s other offerings, from Pink Floyd albums to restorative yoga.

Event Info
Apr 10
Wed at 8 & 10 pm
The Midway
900 Marin Street, San Francisco
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