Immigrant Yarn Project

National Park Service

This exhibit celebrates our shared immigrant story and promotes diversity, tolerance and community. It features 75 striking sculptural totems comprised of thousands of yarn-based art pieces collected from more than 600 contributors, each representing a personal or familial story of immigration.

This is what SF/Arts curator Betsy Crabtree had to say about Immigrant Yarn Project :

Tucked away on the water’s edge beneath the Golden Gate Bridge is this colorful exhibition that showcases yarn-based projects created by immigrants who live from sea to shining sea. It is the largest work of crowd-sourced art in the U.S. with the goal of celebrating diversity and the significant contributions made by immigrants to our collective history.

Event Info
Mar 08 → May 19
Fri-Sun 10 am-5 pm
Fort Point
Marine Drive, San Francisco
Info: 917-951=2081
Venue: 415.564.1699
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