Amulet or He calls it chaos

500 Capp St.

Amulet or He calls it chaos, chooses the illogical, philosophical, yet recognizable material world of Magical Realism, while also addressing the power and sensitivity of architecture, gender, politics, and mortality. Crossing wires, searching for new frontiers and getting lost while doing it, Amulet or He calls it chaos, is two simultaneous exhibitions, but also one. The exhibition will include works by Mathis Altmann, Tony Cokes, Moyra Davey, Michel Houellebecq, Hans Haacke, Katharina Grosse, Rashid Johnson, Sherrie Levine, Mark McCloud, Cady Noland, Will Rogan, Jorge Satorre, Cindy Sherman, Gabriel Sierra, Oscar Tuazon, and Andra Ursu?a. Organized by Bob Linder and Diego Villalobos

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Amulet or He calls it chaos :

“Amulet or He calls it chaos” presents an interwoven set of narratives that unfold as an exhibition throughout the historic house of David Ireland, an iconic conceptual artist who left behind a living artwork in the extraordinary details of his home. Featuring an incredible roster, including works by Hans Haacke, Katharina Grosse, Will Rogan, Cindy Sherman, Gabriel Sierra and others.

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Mar 09 → Jun 01
Wed-Sat; times vary - check website
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500 Capp St.
500 Capp Street, San Francisco
Info: 415 872 9240
Venue: 415.986.1571
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