Windows - Chris Fraser

Royal Nonesuch Gallery/Oakland

Royal NoneSuch Gallery presents Windows: a site-specific installation by Bay Area artist Chris Fraser. Fraser constructs environments modeled on historical image-making technologies, from the camera obscura to the magic lantern. In turn, he uses these antiquated apparatuses to project ephemeral images of the surroundings.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Windows - Chris Fraser :

Chris Fraser has created a site-specific installation at Royal Nonesuch Gallery that plays with historically complex, essentially simple image-making technologies to produce compelling visual effects from natural light. Here, a subtly manipulated bank of windows yields unexpected results day to day. A special participatory event led by the artist takes place Mar. 16; see site for details.

Event Info
Mar 02 → Apr 07
Sat & Sun 1 PM - 4 PM
Royal NoneSuch Gallery/Oakland
4231 Telegraph Avenue , Oakland
Info: 510-761-7824
Venue: (415) 652-1653
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