TTOZOI: Genius Loci From Mold to Art

Museo Italo Americano

Works by Stefano Forgione and Giuseppe Rossi.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about TTOZOI: Genius Loci From Mold to Art :

TTOZOI, the contemporary Italian artists Stefano Forgione and Giuseppe Rossi, create site-specific works in historic sites around the world, including UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Archeological Park of Pompeii. Recently they created new work at Fort Point. The process involves cultivating mold on jute—words fail to do justice to the beauty that arises.

Event Info
Feb 07 → Jun 09
Tue-Sun noon-4 pm
Museo Italo Americano, Bldg. C.
Fort Mason, San Francisco
Info: 673-2200
Venue: 673-2200
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