Theatre of Yugen

HELEN is a modern adaptation of Euripides' classic tragic-comedy of Helen of Troy. This epic explores beauty, women, gender, societal expectations, iconography, storytelling, abduction, war, and death.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about Helen :

Euripides’ “Helen,” about Helen of Troy, dates to 412 BC. Theatre of Yugen stages Ellen McLaughlin’s adaptation; director Shannon M. Davis further re-examines the tale with a cast that includes three Native-identifying actresses, in order to explore, in particular, Native women in society. It’s an LGBTQ/POC production, signaling a change of course for the company, long known for staging works in classical Japanese theatrical formats.

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Mar 29 → Apr 27
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Noh Space
2840 Mariposa, San Francisco
Info: 415-621-0507
Venue: 621-0507
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