Time Sensitive

Ragged Wing Ensemble

Set sometime in the near future, "when the City has swallowed the world, the day and the night, the tides and the seasons," Time Sensitive is a dark fantasy with several intersecting storylines including a Clockmaker and his "Clockwork Kid" invention, a pregnant mid-level office manager, a pair of street urchin thieves and a lonely, corporate tycoon.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about Time Sensitive :

Ragged Wing’s artistic director Amy Sass wrote and directs this play, which she’s updated since its premiere in 2013. It’s a dark, futuristic fantasy whose characters include a clockmaker, thieves, a lonely tycoon and an office manager. Bonus: It’s an immersive performance—the audience is seated inside an installation—that explores the ramifications of time itself.

Event Info
Apr 05 → May 04
Fri & Sat at 8 PM, Sun at 5 PM, Sat Apr 27-May 4 at 8 PM & 2 PM
The Flight Deck/Oakland
1540 Broadway, Oakland
Info: 510-858-7383
Venue: (510) 858-7383
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