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Sam Lipsyte


The Bindery hosts Sam Lipsyte for his new novel Hark.

This is what SF/Arts curator Evan Karp has to say about Sam Lipsyte :

New York-based Sam Lipsyte visits The Bindery to read from his fourth novel, the social satire “Hark,” which follows an unwitting and then reluctant mindfulness guru as he becomes something of a cult leader, inspiring people to focus in a time of great chaos. As hilarious as it is absurd, the book also follows a group of Hark’s disciples, unlikely allies who all have different plans for the movement.

Event Info
Jan 29
Tue at 7:30 pm
The Bindery
1727 Haight St., San Francisco
Info: 415-863-8688
Venue: 415-863-8688
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