Offenbach - Tales of Hoffmann

Pocket Opera

A fantastical journey through the doomed romances of the poet, Hoffmann. Hounded by his nemesis and accompanied by Nicklausse, his ever faithful friend, Hoffmann seems forever unlucky in love.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jesse Hamlin has to say about Offenbach - Tales of Hoffmann :

Offenbach is a specialty of plucky Pocket Opera, which presents the Frenchman’s fantastical “Tales of Hoffmann,” with tenor Robert Vann as the love-doomed poet of the title, Whitney Steele as his pal Nicklausse and baritone Shouvik Mondle (pictured) as the various villains who bedevil him.

Event Info
Jun 02
Sun at 2 PM
Hillside Club/Berkeley
2286 Cedar, Berkeley
Info: 415-972-8934
Venue: (510) 848-3227
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