Puccini - La Rondine

Pocket Opera

Magda, the dazzling courtesan, finds true love with Ruggero during a magical night in Paris. Alas, the soaring music of Puccini belies the heartbreak to come. Featuring the Song of Doretta, perhaps Puccini's most beautiful aria.

This is what SF/Arts curator Betsy Crabtree has to say about Puccini - La Rondine :

We are in the midst of Pocket Opera’s 40th (!) season; if you haven’t yet had a chance to enjoy one of its accessible and lively performances, there are a few more opportunities, including, this month, Puccini’s “La Rondine,” which promises a magical night between two lovers in Paris, followed by the inevitable heartbreak. Features Puccini’s aria, “Song of Doretta.”

Event Info
Apr 28
Sun at 2 PM
Hillside Club/Berkeley
2286 Cedar, Berkeley
Info: 415-972-8934
Venue: (510) 848-3227
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