Vampire Christmas

Exit Theatre

Former princess Marjean has been hosting her Friends Christmas for almost a century but this year it's different: Theodore has abandoned her for a werewolf, Georgette is dating a swamp creature, the Twins won't stop fighting, and Daisy Horchester is dead. Like, Dead For Good. Will she be able to win Theodore back with a new blood soup recipe? Will her non-denominational centerpieces turn everything around? Will they all succumb to the seductions of group lothario Sylvester? How can you live your best unlife, when the unlife you have is hardly alive?

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about Vampire Christmas :

Last holiday season it was zombies; this year it’s vampires: Exit Theatre is all about developing new alt-Christmas specials. This one, created by Allison Page and Stuart Bousel, tells of an undead princess who’s been abandoned by her lover (he left her for a werewolf) and has other issues as well, all of which materialize during a holiday party.

Event Info
Nov 29 → Dec 15
Thu-Sat at 8 pm
Exit Theatre
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco
Venue: 673-3847
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