Pike St.

Berkeley Rep

Presenting Nilaja Sun's new solo show about Evelyn, a single mother who fights for the survival of her family in the face of a threatening hurricane. Sun portrays three generations of a Puerto Rican family and the vibrant characters of New York's Lower East Side in a story of tribulation, perseverance, and redemption

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about Pike St. :

In 90 minutes, acclaimed writer/solo performer and Obie Award-winner Nilaja Sun depicts three generations of a Puerto Rican family in New York’s Lower East Side. The main character, Evelyn, is a single mother caring for a disabled child who requires a respirator—and a hurricane is looming. Among Sun’s characters are a Jewish neighbor with dementia, Evelyn’s son and others. The play, now at Berkeley Rep, is said to be both dark and funny.

Event Info
Nov 17 → Dec 16
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Berkeley Rep/Peet's Theatre
2025 Addison, Berkeley
Info: 510/647-2949
Venue: 510/647-2949
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