Literary Arts

Kevin Killian

City Lights Bookstore

Kevin Killian celebrates the release of Fascination: Memoirs from Semiotexte -- a memoir of gay life in 1970s Long Island by one of the leading proponents of the New Narrative movement.

This is what SF/Arts curator Evan Karp had to say about Kevin Killian :

New Narrative virtuoso Kevin Killian reads from his new book “Fascination: Memoirs” (Semiotexte), which combines the early memoir “Bedrooms Have Windows” (1989) with an unpublished prose work called “Bachelors Get Lonely”; together they form a picture of gay life in 1970s Long Island, showing the author’s struggle to become a writer amidst the sex- and drug-addled world he found there.

Event Info
Nov 28
Wed at 7 pm
City Lights Bookstore
261 Columbus Ave., San Francisco
Info: 415/362-8193
Venue: 362-8193
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