Berkeley Symphony/Concerto Winners

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Martin West, conductor. This performance features SFCM's annual Highsmith and Concerto Competition winners. Daniel de Togni '18 - Tsuioku: On the Internment of Japanese Americans (World Premiere); Tomasi - Concerto for trombone and orchestra; Ponce - Concierto del sur for guitar and orchestra; Mendelssohn - Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64. Berkeley Symphony; Martin West, conductor; Nicole Hillis '18, trombone; Ji Hyung Park '19, guitar; Boxianzi Ling '20, violin.

This is what SF/Arts curator Betsy Crabtree has to say about Berkeley Symphony/Concerto Winners :

These featured musicians—Nicole Hillis, trombone; Ji Hyung Park, guitar; and Boxianzi Ling, violin—won the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s annual Highsmith Award and Concerto Competition. The program includes the world premiere of Tsuioku’s “On the Internment of Japanese Americans” plus works by Tomasi, Ponce and Mendelssohn. Martin West conducts the Berkeley Symphony.

Event Info
Jan 11
Fri at 7:30 PM
San Francisco Conservatory of Music Concert Hall
50 Oak St., San Francisco
Info: 415-503-6275
Venue: 503-6275
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