20 Sonoma Collectors: SVMAs 20th Year

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

Each art collection, like each picture, tells a story. 20 Sonoma Collectors brings the story of 20 art enthusiasts and their collections to SVMA. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view contemporary art from important Sonoma collections, including works by Squeak Carnwath, Shepard Fairey, Roy De Forest, Tom Friedman, Jacob Hashimoto, David Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Claes Oldenburg, Kiki Smith, and Andy Warhol, among others.

Event Info
Sep 29 → Jan 06
Wednesday through Sunday, 11am to 5pm
$5 to $15 depending on age, residence location, etc.
Sonoma Plaza
453 1st Street East, Sonoma
Info: 7079397862
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