Painting Nature in the American Gilded Age

Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University

Drawing from the Cantor's permanent collection, this exhibition considers how nature was depicted by American artists from the 1880s to 1910, an era of unprecedented industrialization and urban development. Through landscapes, portraits, and still lifes, the exhibition highlights the importance of nature for artists and the public--William McGregor Paxton (U.S.A., 1869–1941), The Crystal, 1900. Oil on canvas. Gift of The Honorable Michael Huffin

Event Info
Sep 05 → Aug 25
Wed-Mon, 11AM to 5PM, Thurs to 8PM, Closed Tues
Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University
328 Lomita Drive and Museum Way, Stanford
Info: 650-723-4177
Venue: 650/723-4177
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