Take Action

California College of the Arts

CCA Creative Citizen in Action series. Take Action is a group exhibition highlighting work by Bay Area artists who are actively working as creative citizens in their communities. Current artist list includes: 100 Days Action, Sharon Daniel, Rodney Ewing, Chris Hamamoto, Packard, Aaron Gach, Stephanie Syjuco, The Black Aesthetic, Leila Weefur, and Christine Wong Yap, among others. This presentation is part of the For Freedoms 50 State Initiative spearheaded by CCA alumnus and artist Hank Willis Thomas and artist Eric Gottesman.

Event Info
Oct 16 → Nov 16
Tuesday-Saturday, Noon-5:00 pm; Thursday, Noon-7:30 pm
CCA Hubbell Street Galleries
161 Hubbell Street, San Francisco
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