San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

A solo project by Young Suh. Bay Area photographer Young Suh spent eight years working on this photo-based series. Far from documentary shots, Suh's lush and languid images take the viewer from the comfortable position of being just out of the fire's path, to standing within feet of the source. Although they are the output of a destructive force, smoke and haze are irresistibly beautiful. Suh takes full advantage of this romantic attraction by emphasizing ash-filled rosy skies and billowing white plumes. "Modeled after the 19th century American painters such as Bierstadt and Gifford, the picturesque sunset is enhanced by the haze of the smoke from a nearby fire," says Suh. Opening reception Fri Sep 14 6-8 pm.

Event Info
Sep 14 → Nov 17
Tue-Sat 11 am-6 pm
San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
401 Van Ness, San Francisco
Info: (415) 252-2244
Venue: 554-6080
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