The Marsh Presents "BRAVO 25"

The Marsh

Amber "the A.I. therapist" makes her debut in Eliza Gibson's solo show "BRAVO 25: Your A.I. Therapist Will See You Now" at The Marsh San Francisco. Gibson draws on her real-life experience as a social worker and therapist, sharing a story full of broken hearts and addicts in recovery, from a polyamorous lesbian awaiting the arrival of Superintelligence, to a grieving savant who likes donuts.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about The Marsh Presents "BRAVO 25" :

San Francisco theater artist Eliza Gibson wrote and performs in this solo show, based on her experiences as a social worker and therapist, and has toured it in California and New York to enthusiastic response. She plays all the characters: six support group members and an A.I. (artificial intelligence) avatar. The solo-show guru David Ford directs.

Event Info
Sep 20 → Oct 27
Thurs. at 8pm, Sat. at 5pm
$20-$35 sliding scale, $55-$100 reserved
The Marsh
1062 Valencia, San Francisco
Info: 415-282-3055
Venue: 826-5750
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