Washed up on the Potomac

SF Playhouse

Written by Lynn Rosen. Order is the name of the game in this D.C. proofreading office, but everything is a bit off today. It's ninety degrees in October, a costly mistake has been made on an important account, and someone is going to get fired. As three proofreaders ponder their futures, they become haunted and inspired by memories of a coworker whose body may have washed up on the banks of the Potomac today. Who will be the next to go? Or are they already gone?

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about Washed up on the Potomac :

In this workplace comedy by Lynn Rosen, part of San Francisco Playhouse’s new works series, three proofreaders in an ad agency screw up big-time on an iPod ad, and their boss is mad. At the same time, it seems that a former co-proofreader might have just been discovered, dead, washed up on the Potomac. It’s said to be dark and funny, with characters who are deeply flawed.

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Aug 16 → Sep 01
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Custom Made Theatre
533 Sutter St., San Francisco
Info: 415.677.9596
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